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We believe in finding peace in all things, shell picking, being near the ocean and creating beauty from the Earth's own natural treasures.

Handpicked Kauai Shells, crafted with care to infuse the accents of metals, stones, crystals, glass, wood and other earth found materials to bring the beauty and Peace of Kauai to where ever you are.

Set the Ocean Trend. One of a Kind Shell Jewelry.

See something you like but want it a little different? Custom orders are welcomed. Contact P.O.K for details.

90% of proceeds help support shop owner (Colleen) in paying off Graduate Student loans acquired in Marriage and Family Therapy. Other 10% goes directly to the YWCA of Kauai Sexual Assault Treatment Program. I work full time as a Sexual abuse/assault therapist supporting and facilitating healing. Shelling, creating jewelry and sharing it with others, is how I find peace and maintain healthy self care.